SAP Programme: Pro Bono for Economic Equity

Gosbert Chagula
3 min readOct 17, 2021


Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting the roll-out of SAP Global’s Pro Bono for Economic Equity programme UK

SAP Global will offer the skills, talent, and expertise of its employees over the course of six weeks to support the operations of Black-owned businesses. Building upon some of our work already done at Startup Discovery School, the programme will support 7 black-owned businesses.

For many startups, a huge issue they’ll face is access to talent, skills and expertise. This problem is particularly acute when it comes to black-owned businesses, whom in addition to day-to-day challenges will also face what I like to call ‘the social capital gap’. This typically means

  • Shallower professional and personal networks meaning they can’t access specialised talent earlier on in their business journey.
  • Tighter support networks which although provide value may lack access to key decision-makers within your industry.
  • Less visibility as businesses may operate in specialised market segments which may be commonly misunderstood.
  • Institutional barriers to credit access due to a lack of track record thereby deeming them ‘uninvestable’ according to mainstream standards.

A big congratulations to all the successful applicant businesses participating in the Pro Bono for Economic Equity UK 2021. Much gratitude to all those businesses who applied and the participating SAP staff.

The 7 businesses selected for the 2021 cohort are 👇


Lendoe solves the funding issues of today’s underrepresented entrepreneurs through their Partner loans and Partner network — two created to help support entrepreneurs who have been marginalised by today’s mainstream finance providers. So whether you are a hair salon moving into a new shop or an e-commerce store in need of additional stock, we are confident that we can get you access to the funding you need.

Micro-Fresh® 🏭

An award-winning anti-microbial technology that inhibits the growth of mould, pathogenic and odour causing bacteria to keep products fresher for longer

Translayte 🌐

Translayte is a leading provider of professional and certified translation services. We translate, edit and certify thousands of documents monthly, ensuring that our clients are able to complete applications successfully or communicate effectively.

Wakuda 🛒

Wakuda is the online marketplace where you can discover and shop with over 300 UK black-owned businesses


Kapsule is driving forward universal access to affordable, and authentic medicines. Kapsule is a blockchain supported supply chain and B2B managed marketplace system that enables big-pharmaceutical companies to sell directly to fragmented emerging markets.

Generation Success ⭐

an award-winning social enterprise on a mission to create equal access and opportunities for a fairer world.

UK Black Business Show 👔


The UK Black Business Show has been created to inspire and connect black business owners and professionals working in various industries.

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